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1.      Determiner

Understanding determiner

Determiner is a word or group of words that are placed in front of thenoun to restrict the meaning of thenoun. In traditional grammar, often called the limiting adjective determiner,although different from the usual meaning of the adjective. If both are in the noun phrase, limiting adjectivewould be in front of the usualadjective. Determiner consists of the article , quantifier , possessive , and demonstrative determiner .

In use, the determiner is divided into two types:
1)      General
2)      Specific determiner.

Are included in the category or group of determiners are as follows: 
1)      Articles (the, a, an)
2)      Demonstratives (this, that, Reviews These, Reviews those)
3)      Possessives (my, your, his, her, its, our, their)
4)      Quantifiers (a few, a little, much, many, a lot of, most, some, any, enough, etc.)
5)      Numbers (one, ten, thirty, etc.)
6)      Distributives (all, both, half, either, Neither, each, every)
7)      Difference words (other, another)
8)      Question words (which, what, Whose)
9)      Defining words (which, Whose)
General and Specific determiner

Being in front of a noun, noun phrase determiner menentukkan whether the establishment of general or specific nature. General noun phrase can be formed fromthe general determiner, while specific noun phrase of specific determiner.

Explanation determiner
Example Sentences determiner
General determiner
indefinite article (a or an): discuss the general case where the listener / reader does not know for sure which are intended
He is looking for a job in Bali. 
(He was looking for a job in Bali.)
quantifier (many, few, little, some, any): stating the amount
Please give me a little water. 
(Please give me a little water.)
distributive (all, every, both)
All your books are on the table. 
(All of your book on the table.)
difference word (other, another): discuss extra people, objects, 
or things
May I have another shoes? 
(Can I get another shoe?)
Specific determiner
the definite article (the): noun which is believed to discuss the reader / listener to understand the intended
Did he enjoy the show? 
(What she enjoyed the show?)
demonstrative adjective (this, that, Reviews These, Reviews those): nounexplained in terms of distance and / or the amount of
Those apples are so red. 
(The apples were very red.)
possessive adjective (my, your, his, her, its, our, and Reviews their): indicates ownership
Your jacket is in the laundry basket. 
(Jacket in the laundry basket.)

Use of General determiner
General determiner may be combined with singular / plural noun countable oruncountable noun with the following formula.

General determiner
Example Noun Phrase
general determiner + singular countable noun
a and an (indefinite articles)
a book, an apple
another (difference word)
another man
any, no (quantifier)
any report, no journey
each, every, Neither (distributive)
call now pair, every student, Neither spoon (nor fork)
determiner + plural countable noun
all, both (distributive)
all books, magazines Several
some, any, no, many, few, Several (quantifier)
some people, any new books, no jobs, many clothes, few activities
other (difference words)
other tasks
enough, more, most
enough dollars, more tips, most batteries
determiner + uncountable noun
all (distributive)
all furniture
some, any, no, little, less, much (quantifier)
some paper, any time, no money, little information, less sugar, much coffee
more, most, enough
more advice, most cheese, enough money

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