Tugas 1 Reflexive Pronouns

1.      Reflexive Pronoun

Understanding Reflexive Pronoun

Reflexive Pronoun is a pronoun that is used to express that the subject (such as people or animals) receives the action of the verb (reciprocal action) in a sentence. Pronoun is composed of: myself, yourself, herself, himself, itself, in the singular, andyourselves, ourselve s, and Themselvesin the plural form. The form is identical to the intensive pronoun .

The use of reflexive pronouns in everyday life:
ü  Reflecting back object
Example :
·         Ade is sleeping by herself.
·         Aji Injured himself while playing football.
ü  Replace the word 'alone’
Example :
·         She went to school by herself.
·         Joko is reading a book by himself.
ü  When the subject and object are the same thing
Example :
·         I am in love with myself.
·         We're getting ourselves in danger.
ü  Affirm the reflected
Example :
·         I need to see the boss himself.
·         Why can not you do your homework by yourself?

Example Sentences Reflexive Pronoun
Some examples of reflexive pronoun sentences for each singular or plural as follows.

Example Sentences Reflexive Pronoun
my self
I'm going to buy myself new jeans.
(I'm going to buy new jeans for my own.)
It's essential to treat others like you treat yourself.
(It is important to mmemperlakukan others as you treat yourself.)
She asked herself why she was easy to be panic.
(He asked himself why he used to panic.)
Hendri did not blame himself for the accident.
(Hendri not blame herself for the accident.)
The cat is licking itself.
(The cat is menjilayi himself.)
Why do not you watch yourselves on TV?
(Why do not you watch yourself on TV?)
We should give time for ourselves to take a rest.
(We should give ourselves time to rest.)
The students ate the cookies that they cooked by Themselves.
(These students eat their cake cook.)

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