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Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis # minggu 2

Understanding Sentence active and passive sentences
Active voice (active voice) is the subject of his sentence which does the job, on the contrary, the passive voice (passive voice) is the subject of his sentence in which the subject of work by the object of the sentence. Active voice is more commonly used in daily life compared with the passive voice. However, we often find the passive voice in newspapers, articles in magazines and scholarly writings. Passive voice is used as the object of the active voice is more important information than its subject. Example:  Active: We fertilize the soil every 6 months
 Passive: The soil is fertilized by us every 6 months
The formula: 1. Active voice
Subject + verb + object
Example 1: Revelation Teaches English
Example 2: Helena is helping Mr. Ahmad Fairuz
2. Passive voice
Subject + auxiliary verb + verb + object 3
Note: included in the auxiliary verb is is, are, is being, are being, was, were, was being, were being, has been, have been, had been, will b…

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis # minggu 1

Differences in use of words in English sentences below, namely:
1. Some Some words have multiple meanings in Indonesian. So if the object which we will specify more than one word we can use some as penjelasnya. Some words we put right in front of the noun which we will explain in number. Some / few used on nouns that can be calculated [countable noun] and can not be calculated [uncountable noun] but its use only in a positive sentence alone. Examples of its use in a sentence is:
Example 1: [+] I need some apples for making fruit salad. Example 2: [+] The seller pour some milk into the porridge.
Note: some of this word can only be used for positive sentences or sentence only news. So do not use some words if you will make a sentence negative or interrogative sentence.
2. Any In any Indonesian has many meanings. However, any word can only be used in negative sentences or sentence just ask. Any word as well as some said, was also placed right in front of the noun. Example sentence is:
Example 1:…